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Jewelry Services

As a family-owned jewelry store, it is very important to us that you have an exceptional experience. You will get expert guidance at every step. And when you need a repair, our master goldsmith can do them quickly, without your jewelry leaving the store.

Jewelry Repair Services

Regardless of where it was purchased, we can resize, repair, and recondition your jewelry. We treat all pieces as if it were our own, and careful attention is taken. We thoroughly examine the pieces for normal wear and tear, and can provide estimates.


Jewelry Appraisal

Foss Jewelers provides certified insurance and estate appraisals. Because of the importance of this work, we provide this service by appointment only. Please call us at 570-374-4790 or send an e-mail to schedule an appointment.



Foss Jewelers accepts all major credit cards. Upon credit approval, we also provide up to 12 months interest-free financing and instant credit. There is no annual fee, you never need to reapply, and it frees up your credit cards. You must show a valid driver's license and another form of credit card to apply. Other conditions may apply. Please ask for details when you visit our store.